Ensuring a secure home and a stable life

At the Metro Service Center, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive housing stabilization services to support individuals with disabilities and seniors in finding and maintaining stable housing within their chosen communities. Our aim is to facilitate a smooth transition into housing, enhance long-term housing stability, and prevent future episodes of homelessness or institutionalization

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Housing Consultation

Individuals in need of Housing Stabilization Services planning, but lacking waiver or targeted case management, can benefit from housing consultation facilitated by an enrolled housing consultant. These consultants assist in developing a Housing-Focused Person-Centered Plan and aid in selecting a housing transition or sustaining provider.

Covered consultation services include:

  • Assisting with required documentation for eligibility
  • Developing a Housing Focused Person-Centered Plan
  • Supporting the person in identifying housing preferences and needs
  • Coordinating with other service providers
  • Educating on privacy rights and appeal processes
Housing Transition

Our housing transition services are designed to help individuals plan for, find, and move to suitable housing within the community. Services cover activities such as housing search, tenant screening, budgeting, lease negotiation, and building relationships with landlords.

Covered transition services include:

  • Housing transition planning and support
  • Application assistance for housing benefits
  • Tenant screening and housing assessments
  • Assistance with housing search and applications
  • Support in understanding and managing a lease
  • Transportation and housing-related issue discussions
  • Identifying funding for deposits and moving expenses
  • Arranging adaptive house-related accommodations
Housing Sustaining

To ensure individuals maintain stable housing, our housing sustaining services focus on preventing behaviors jeopardizing housing and educating on tenant rights and responsibilities. We offer ongoing training on lease compliance, household management, and connecting with community resources.

Covered sustaining services include:

  • Updating and modifying housing support and crisis/safety plans
  • Preventing and identifying behaviors jeopardizing housing
  • Tenant rights and responsibilities education
  • Assistance with housing recertification processes
  • Supporting income and benefits maintenance for housing
Remote Support
Remote support is a valuable component of service delivery. It includes check-ins and consultations using various communication methods. Providers must ensure that remote support does not isolate the person or reduce their access to the community. Persons have the right to choose, refuse, or suspend the use of remote support at any time.

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